Fellow Pages

NSRA Fellow Pages

Travelers aid as close as the nearest telephone

Early in January each year, the members of the National Street Rod Associationģ (NSRA) are given the opportunity to have their name and phone number listed in the NSRA Fellow Pages so that should fellow rodders be in his or her neighborhood and need assistance, they will have someone they know will come to their aid as close as the nearest telephone. Thatís why the NSRA Fellow Pages work, and thatís why it works so well... itís rodders helping rodders, and thatís a proven, unbeatable formula.

NSRA prints a completely new Fellow Pages each year, and it is mailed free to all of the members, as one of the member benefits. Every edition is totally new, not one name or phone number from a previous yearís ďpagesĒ is picked up. In this way, only those who care to participate do, and Fellow Pages users are assured that they are calling on someone that is willing to help and that phone numbers listed are as current as possible.

As in past years, the all new NSRA Fellow Pages will be mailed to each and every member in the early part of the rodding season, and will be more than just a handy reference guide to those that have volunteered their help to a fellow rodder in need. All of the NSRA field force personnel (Directors, State Reps and Safety Inspectors) are listed, along with a complete outline of the NSRA Vehicle Safety Inspection requirements, making each new Fellow Pages Booklet a valuable traveling companion and all around guide... it continues to be something to have in the street rod at all times.

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