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Among the many benefits of being a member of the National Street Rod Association® (NSRA) is the free subscription to StreetScene® Magazine, the NSRA's members only, full color monthly publication. The magazine is mailed direct to the members each month, and is not available on newsstands.

StreetScene Magazine, now well into its third decade of continuous publication, has long been considered one of the best information sources in the hobby. With shorter lead times than other publications of its quality, the news, coming events listings and cars and parts for sale sections are as up-to-the-minute as is possible. Because of the timeliness of publication, all of the various departments are extremely popular and therefore the best in the hobby. StreetScene's cars and parts for sale, trade or wanted sections are unrivaled, and the members are able to use the service for two free ads (there is a minimal fee for photos) in each monthly issue. The coming events section lists every automotive type activity imaginable from local swap meets, car shows and cruise nights to the NSRA Nationals and other large events across the country.

In addition to the direct member service monthly departments, there are editorials, letters to the editor and a safety column, news of the NSRA National events and the street rod industry, a place for members to show their vehicles, and coverage of more than 100 activities from around the world each year. StreetScene has monthly full color features of members' vehicles. This new addition is receiving acclaim from the readers, and is a "regular feature" status. The magazine has display advertising from the leaders in specialty parts and accessories, and according to a recent reader survey, StreetScene Magazine is among the most thoroughly read publications in most enthusiasts' homes. NSRA members feel StreetScene Magazine itself is more than worth the annual membership fee.

StreetScene Articles

1st Love

We all remember our first automotive love. Not our first car, but the one you wanted so badly before you even had a car.

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Complete Interiors, Custom-Made Seats & Unique Interior Parts

To Shawn Krist, his life’s work at Krist Kustoms is all about being flexible and unique. “I never wanted to limit my customers or the company to a certain number of options,” says Shawn.

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Left Overs: If Only Our Leftovers Looked So Good

Bill Godisak spent much of his life owning and professionally restoring Packards, Pierce Arrows, vintage race cars and the like. The one thing young Bill, middleaged Bill, and not middle-aged-anymore Bill had always wanted, but never had, was a true street rod.

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Making A Name Building Tri-5 Chevys

While Chris Sondles has literally spent his entire adult life in the automotive aftermarket industry, it was only eight years ago that he launched his own business fulfilling his dream of being a car builder and manufacturer.

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New School Stude

It couldn’t have taken us five minutes from getting on the fairgrounds at the Zoo to have our heads under John Moffett’s ’33 Studebaker coupe. We here at StreetScene have a love of those who dare to build something different and the lines of a ’33 Stude were enough to draw us in.

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Puddy Love

I come across feature cars in lots of ways, but usually I see a car, find out about it, talk to the owner, think about it and then finally ask the guy if he would like to see his car in StreetScene.

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